Juergen Trautwein


Out of my mind

My drawings are raw thoughts, sparse, line-based and broken down to their essential elements of positive and negative spaces, revealing the complexities of being.

Drawing is to me like breathing out the folly of humanity. In a process following my subconscious I’m reflecting on the funnily bizarre, cruel and ignorant doings, machinations and shenanigans of our species the ultimate "super-pest" species in all its multitudinous forms of predator-prey relationships.

I usually draw on industrially mass- produced paper in letter- size format, a paper size on which mostly all mainstream-everyday-information is written, printed and copied on; while being aware of the fact that 10 liters of water are needed to produce one sheet, paper is still the core medium in my analog work. I respect it for having the stigma attached to it of being ephemeral, wastefully used and cheap.

My drawings come in series, mostly targeting contemporary issues - if not repetitive, meditative and abstract. I draw in a psychically spontaneous manner without knowing where the pen is leading me. I literally spit them out minute after minute, one after another, until the flow lasts. The hand that holds the pen has hit and finished the drawing before the mind starts to form a new idea, and at the end I don’t know who executed the drawing the hand or the mind.

Selected drawings are blown up and used for site-specific installations targeting contemporary social and environmental issues and become part of the evolving NIESATT drawing and multimedia hybridization project.

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