NIESATT is a neologism consistent of two German words, nie (never) and satt  (full, enough, satisfied). If
NIESATT is read backwards and the double T substituted with a D it reads Dasein (exercising being).
NIESATT is a metaphor for the human spirit thriving for progress, neglecting whatever harm it might cause.

NIESATT parallel worlds
a NIESATT on the NET project (NET_SATT)

experimental visual entertainment

NIESATT parallel worlds is a dynamic image dominated net project,
where motion motivates to click into unpredictability.
NIESATT parallel worlds is targeting cultural and socio-economic issues.
NIESATT parallel worlds invites the viewer in a labyrinth of interconnected links,
from minimal abstract spaces to figure-overloaded conglomerations of constant change.
NIESATT parallel worlds intents to produce confusion, disorientation and the feeling of being lost.
NIESATT parallel worlds questions on what extend are our bodies dependent upon and implicated in technology.
NIESATT parallel worlds is employing images from the NIESATT drawing and multimedia hybridization project
as well as java scripts, sounds, texts and images culled from the net and various other media sources.
They are reused, redefined and set into the context of NIESATT parallel worlds and the
simultaneousness of multi layered accumulations of information deformations.

flash and java script plug-ins required.
optimized for 1024 x 768.

NIESATT parallel worlds is part of the evolving PHA net project.