NIESATT outdoors .
ephemeral environmental interferences

NIESATT outdoors is a drawing project with sheets of paper, not on to sheets of paper. I use standardized industrially produced white letter- size paper to spread it out in nature, on to nature, or within man made outdoor structures.

With this project I am referring to the conceptualized planning state of people’s destructive interferences with nature. “NIESATT outdoors” are minimal interferences with the environment (as the wind conditions allow it). This is a kind of a fragmented cover up of reality, a blending out of what’s beneath, a light touch, that doesn't leave any marks. Some interactions look like patterns of simple forms, others give the impression of just being waste and some appear like dead pixels in an image of nature. I call those pieces drawing reverse in which I bring white sheets of paper to the figure, or on to the figure, not like in the classical form of drawing, where one brings the figure on-to paper.

The pristine white paper sheets are to me symbols of the corporate system, using up nature’s resources to produce at the end only trash, which pollutes and seeps back into the soil, which is in a way a bad example of recycling. In this project nothing gets wasted, I collect all the paper, even when the wind has spread it or the rain soaked it, and reuse it for the next interference.


NIESATT in context a digital photo placing and posing project:

This project is reduced to a NIESATT label sheet, on tour, documenting it's journey with a digital camera. These images have been taken on trips between Europe and the US. NIESATT in context includes photo documentation's of placing actions and posing performances. Temporary snap-shot interventions in public spaces, holding with both hands a NIESATT label sheet in front of my head or placing it into a fragment of reality. NIESATT in context is focusing on the "labelisation" of reality and identity.