..Silent Topographpy selections from a paintings series in acrylic on paper

Silent Topography
a painting project

Recalled from memory, Silent Topography are painted fictional satellite-images of land and water formations observed on transcontinental flights between Europe and the West Coast of the United States.

Silent Topography is focusing on landscapes, invisible crusts, the diversity of forms, the crumbliness of organic matter, the all-over unbound and the mysterious relationships of gravity and water. Silent Topography seeks freedom of form, through unpretentiously applied color, guided by chance and the unpredictability of it's outcome.

This series of paintings are painted Meditations, attempts to listen to the silence between sounds, seeking the direct way to present stillness, a process of being in the inner body energy field, entering the un-manifested, entering silence to experience the eternal present, possibly leading to a freeing of the limited confines of the mind and opening up the possibility to a judgmental-free perception.

Trautwein's paintings have a Zen-like quality, they are spontaneous and fresh, driven by the old japanese instruction to zen painting “study the bamboo for ten years, then become the bamboo and then start painting. His work shows relationships to european art as well, this series has a great affinity to Informel painting, emphasizing the automatic act of painting, the unconscious side of artistic production, where the process is more relevant then the result. Artists like Jean Fautrier, Wols, Dubuffet, come into mind. Trautwein explores with this series the idea of intuitive, impulsive, liberated interaction with body movements and artists materials.