passing by strangers

is an evolving digital photography series of sidewalk encounters in San Francisco's greater Tenderloin neighborhood. These photos are gut shots or images taken while holding a camera on gut level. This project explores the ephemeral moment of passing by strangers and
the various forms of how human life is revealing itself on the side walks of the Tenderloin. With this project I'm intending to capture the mostly unconscious moment of passing by a stranger. a moment of being on autopilot, without realizing the person one just passed by. The Tenderloin is a melting pot of almost all cultures from around the world. It also attracts all kinds of misfits, the stranded, the addicts, the homeless and the mentally challenged. There are also kids growing up, some lonely old timers are still around and the better of people from the hills above are hurrying through on their way to or from work.
View the selected images, which are part of hundreds of images taken on daily (side)walks through the San Francisco Tenderloin. The following sequence has been taken between 2005 and 2007.
For more images check out Tenderloin net.

passing by strangers is a digital snapshot interpretation of the Americans by Robert Frank
"Anybody doesnt like these pitchers dont like potry,see? Anybody dont like potry go home see Television shots of big hatted cowboys being tolerated by kind horses." Quote from the introduction to the Americans by Jack Kerouac