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The following selected web-projects from 1997-2012 are moving you out of the portfolio page , if you should get lost, which is most likley, please return to www.jtwine.com to start all over, or return now

random links to the world of jtwine.com www.jtwine.com/sounddex.html jt

Noise_pix_bombs jtwine re-twined www.jtwine.com/011noisebombs.htm

ONSPEED an antitwittracy data-speed-scroll-visualisation www.jtwine.com/010twittspeedset1.html
Zero1Zero Walks experimental mini movies, about the Tenderloin in San Francisco. www.jtwine.com/zero1zeroset.htm

White noise is an interactive minimal color-noise composition game. www.jtwine.com/noiseset.htm

Movie machine explores Paul Valerys quote:" but simply remember, between man there are only two relations:war or logic." www.jtwine.com/moviemachine1.html

"NIESATT parallel worlds" questions Consumption, Overload & Pseudo information,within the web
of endless visual infotainment spills.This project is an experimental exploration of the unpredictability
of the next thought.A labyrinth where one can get lost in an overloaded world of images, motion,
text and sound.

"MINDBOMS IN WAR"- an anti war project. www.jtwine.com/whywar.html

”GREYLAND” - web works that illuminate obsessive lifestyles. www.jtwine.com/indexgrey.htm

"911"- a flash animation reflecting the attack on america, based on Jean Baudrillards essay "l'esprit du terrorisme".www.jtwine.com/9111.html

- a group of works from the NARRAGONIA series and Anorexic Nicoquitters. www.jtwine.com/indexblue.htm

- nosense Info deletes and other finger biting digiweapons. www.jtwine.com/pha999.htm

-unconceptual concept components. www.jtwine.com/indexx.htm